Quick take: Black Hefe

Well aren't you a tall drink of weizen?

Well aren’t you a tall drink of weizen?

The Specs: Red Collar Brewing Co.‘s Black Hefe
8.5 per cent ABV, by the pint/jug/growler


Short bit of a review for you this Saturday, but I felt like I had to sing the praises of last night’s pints at Red Collar.

Black Hefe, which so far looks like a brewery exclusive, is the brightest heavy beer I’ve tasted — all those light, crisp and fruity notes you’d expect in a hefeweizen in a rich, black package.

On Facebook, the brewery’s referred to this one as its dubbelwizen, which makes sense. It’s very similar in mouthfeel and weight to the dubbel, which I’ve praised before. The head on this one is spectacular too — about an inch of dense foam that gives the brew a milkshake appearance. The whole thing takes about seven minutes to pour, but it’s worth the wait.

If you’re a hefeweizen fan it’s a great early spring take on the style and a good reminder that it’s really worth leaving the house to drink your beers some times.